Q School Scheduling

Effective 2024: Instructor candidates will select their own Q School test date and test time at both Written Exam Only Q School and Firefighter Only Q School. Sessions will be available until all seats in that session are full. Review the 2024 Qualification School Guide for more information or reach out to Katherine.Burton@ncdoi.gov or Paul.Ward@ncdoi.gov for more info.

Q School Information

Candidates may register for any of the below Qualifications, Certified Fire Investigator, & Reciprocity exams and retest for failures at Q School. You will be approved or denied based on the course prerequisites. Specific qualification exam prerequisites & exam details can be found in the 2024 Qualification School Guide.

Testing Procedures

  • Student must be in attendance at the time identified in schedule emails sent from staff members. Unexcused tardiness will disqualify the candidate from attempting the exam. 
  • For Firefighter qualification instructor candidates, two attempts at successfully completing each practical will be provided. The second attempt will directly follow the first, failed attempt.
  • Once registered, candidates have up until their test time to cancel, in order to avoid penalty. If the candidate does not cancel prior to assigned time they will be disqualified from attending any qualification school for 6 (six) months.

2024 Qualification School Guide and 2024 Firefighter Skills Book

  • For complete information on 2024 Q Schools included course pre-requisites, registration information and areas covered on qualification exams, please review the 2024 Qualification School Guide.
  • Firefighter Instructor Candidates should review the 2022 Firefighter Skills Book for information on practicals that may be tested at Q School. 

To view the Policies & Procedures, visit the Fire and Rescue Certification Board webpage.