Fire Investigation Unit

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The FIU was established in 2017 to strengthen the ability of the state fire service and law enforcement to examine the source of fires. Our investigators will respond on request to assist federal, state, county and local agencies to determine the origin, cause and circumstances of fires and all fire-related deaths. Our fire investigators are trained to provide the additional resources necessary so that local departments are not overburdened during an investigation but can stay staffed and ready to respond when needed. To request an OSFM Fire Investigator, contact the State Warning Point at 1-800-858-0368.

How We Help

It is imperative that OSFM’s FIU is involved in a fire investigation from its inception. Our investigators are trained to respond quickly to provide local investigators with the resources needed to process and document the fire scene.

OSFM FIU works in conjunction with our local, state and federal partners to provide fire protection engineers, electrical engineers, structural protection engineers, building code officials, and fire code consultants to help determine the origin and cause surrounding a fire.

Fire Prevention and Public Education

One of OSFM’s priorities is to reduce the number of fires and fire injuries and deaths by bringing the fire safety message to fire department public fire educators and community groups across the state of North Carolina. As members of this community, we work side by side with YOU to prevent injuries, deaths, and property damage caused by fire.

Our Values

Under the leadership of State Fire Marshal Mike Causey, there are three values that define the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal: Integrity, Service, and Excellence. Our staff is committed to upholding a culture of ethics and integrity to accomplish goals and maintain public trust; to provide service before self; and to strive for excellence while providing exceptional customer service.