Certified Fire Investigator

Application Process

Effective July 1, 2017

Use the application below for the new CFI application process. The application is form fillable and can be saved and then emailed to CFIcertifications@ncdoi.gov

CFI Application

Effective January 14, 2020 There is no longer a NC FIT equivalency application process.

The North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission approved the new CFI recertification program at their January 11th Meeting. 

The moratorium for recertification will be lifted July 1, 2022.  All currently certified CFI’s will be required to follow the new recertification requirements.  All certified CFI’s will have five years from July 1, 2022 to complete the new requirements. 

CFI Recertification Policy

CFI Approved Training Classes

CFI Continuing Education Course Submittal Policy

Fire Arson Investigator Course Approval Form

Tier I Approved Courses

  • NC IAAI Advanced Investigative Approaches NC IAAI Fire Investigative Approaches
  • NC Fire Inspector I
  • NCETR Advanced Origin and Cause/Court Room Testimony
  • NCJA Interview and Interrogation
  • IAAI Expert Witness and Court Room Testimony
  • NFA RO811 Fire Investigation for Company Officers
  • NFA RO255 Fire Investigations: Electrical Systems
  • NFA RO204 Fire Investigation: Fire Dynamics and Modeling
  • NFA RO214 Fire Investigation Forensic Evidence
  • NFA RO208 Fire Investigation: Interview and Testimony
  • CFI0001 Expert Witness & Courtroom Testimony Preparation by Instructor Wayne Delancey
  • CFI0002 IAAI Expert Witness & Courtroom Testimony (EWCT) by Instructor Wayne Delancey
  • CFI0003 Fire Fatality Investigation by Instructor Wayne Delancey
  • CFI0004 Commercial Kitchen Fire Investigations by Instructor Wayne Delancey
  • CFI0005 Evidence Collection & Documentation by Instructor Wayne Delancey
  • CFI0006 25th Annual Fire Investigate Approaches Training Seminar (2022 NC/SC IAAI Conference - Myrtle Beach)
  • CFI0007 Fire/Arson Investigation & Arson Case Management by Instructor Steve Riggs
  • CFI0008 Up in Smoke by Instructor Lisa Coltrain
  • CFI0009 Hands-On Vehicle Fire/Arson Investigation by Instructor Steve Riggs
  • CFI00010 Clandestine Drug Lab by Instructor C. Christopher Moody
  • CFI00011 RV Fire Investigation by Instructor Tom Lancaster
  • CFI00012 Intro to Post Blast Investigate Techniques by Instructor Brian Lovin
  • CFI00013 Sovereign Citizens by Instructor William Loucks
  • CFI00014 Forensic Anthropology and Burned Remains by Instructor Darren Solomon
  • CFI00015 Advance Fire Dynamics by Instructor Darren Solomon
  • CFI00016 Fire Scene Photography by Instructor Darren Solomon
  • CFI00017 Writing a better Origin and Cause Report by Instructor Darren Solomon
  • CFI00018 Electricity and ARC Mapping by Instructor Michael Jordan
  • CFI00019 Fire Investigator Continuing Education by Instructor Mark Brown
  • CFI00021 Fire Investigator Safety by Instructor Jeff Pauley/Alex VanDongen
  • CFI00022 Strategic Suspect Interview Techniques by Instructor Dino Balos
  • CFI00023 WCU Burned Remains by Instructor Dr. N. Passalacqua/Dr. R. George
  • CFI00024 Li-Ni Batteries by Instructor Michael Abraham
  • CFI00025 Fire Dynamics by Instructor Darren Solomon
  • CFI00026 Drones (Breakout) by Instructor David McVey
  • CFI00027 Safety Practical (Breakout) by Instructor Jeff Pauley
  • CFI00028 Austin Bombing by Instructor Brian Lovin

Tier II Approved Courses 

  • NC Hazardous Materials Technician
  • NFA or Equivalent Chemistry of Hazardous Materials
  • NCJA Chemical Processing and Advanced Photography
  • NCJA Crime Scene Investigation
  • NCJA General Criminal Investigations
  • NCJA Recognizing Insurance Fraud  


NC FIT certification is a prerequisite for the NC Certified Fire Arson Investigator Certification and must be completed prior to applying for the NC Certified Fire Arson Investigator.