Certified Fire Investigator Board

The Certified Fire Investigator Board was established by the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission as a working committee.

Policies & Procedures

The policies pertaining to the Volunteer Safety Workers Comp Fund can be found on page 15 of the Fire & Rescue Commission bylaws.

FRC Bylaws

CFI Board Members

Board Member Representation Term Expiration
Freddy Johnson Commission Appointee 7/31/2024
Lee Newcomb F & R Commission Chairman's Appointee 04/30/2025
Matt Davis NC Association of Fire Chiefs 12/31/2022
Adam Stanley NC IAAI 01/31/2025
Chris Smith North Carolina Firefighters' Association 01/31/2025
Barry Overman OSFM/FIU 10/4/2025
Derrick Clouston Appointed Vice-Chair of F & R Commission Board 10/4/2023
Brian Taylor NC DOI OSFM Executive Director Permanent
Vacant NC SBI appointment 8/31/2025
Vacant NC Fire Marshal's Association Appointment 8/31/2023
Vacant Commission Vice Chairman's Appointee 12/31/2023


Questions regarding the Certified Fire Investigator Board can be directed to Brian Wade.

Phone: 1-800-634-7854

NCDOI – Office of State Fire Marshal 
Attn: Fire and Rescue Commission 
1202 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC 27699-1202

Meetings Minutes