Certified Fire Investigator Board

The Certified Fire Investigator Board was established by the North Carolina Fire and Rescue Commission as a working committee.


Policies & Procedures

The policies pertaining to the Volunteer Safety Workers Comp Fund can be found on page 15 of the Fire & Rescue Commission bylaws.

FRC Bylaws


CFI Board Members

Board Member Representation Term Expiration
Freddy Johnson, Chair F&R Commission Appointee July 2024
Lee Newcomb F&R Commission Chairman's Appointee April 2025
Matt Davis NC Association of Fire Chiefs December 2025
Adam Stanley NC IAAI January 2025
Chris Smith North Carolina Firefighter's Association January 2025
Barry Overman OSFM/FIU October 2025
Derrick Clouston F&R Commission Vice Chairman's Appointee October 2025
Jason Davis F&R Commission Vice Chairman's Appointee December 2025
D.R. Burkett NC SBI Appointee August 2025
Buddy Thompson NC Fire Marshal's Association Appointment August 2025
Brian Taylor NC OSFM Executive Director Permanent by Position



Questions regarding the Certified Fire Investigator Board can be directed to Brian Wade.

Phone: 1-800-634-7854

NCDOI – Office of State Fire Marshal 
Attn: Fire and Rescue Commission 
1202 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC 27699-1202