GIS Mapping Requests

Prior to a Ratings Inspection, local fire representatives will be sent a request to provide Geographic Information System (GIS) data files that will help complete the mapping portion of the rating.   

It is recommended that the data is maintained by the local GIS department or a GIS vendor working for the jurisdiction.  If applicable, it is preferred that submissions include the entire county to eliminate multiple submissions for each department.

NC OSFM will request submission of the following four GIS features:

  1. Fire Response District Polygons

  • All fire response district maps must be adopted by the jurisdiction as the official boundary before submission.
  • Make sure that district names are included in the attribute tables.
  • All districts should share a common boundary and not overlap each other.
  1. City Limit Polygons

  • Provide official municipal boundaries including all annexations.
  1. Fire Station Location Points

  • Provide the latest fire station locations
  1. Hydrant Points

  • Include all hydrant locations
  • Include a field that describes what type of hydrant is represented.
  • Example Types:
    • Pressurized Hydrant -Standard hydrant used with most water systems
    • Dry Hydrants – A pipe used to draft water out of a water body
    • Suction Points – A lake pond or stream used to draft water.

File Submissions

Files should be zipped up in a folder containing all the requested data in a file geodatabase or as multiple shapefiles.  These files should be submitted using NCDOI ShareFile GIS -Ratings

Questions regarding GIS submissions can be directed to:

Adam Blythe,


Office Phone: 919-647-0092