OSFM has upgraded our Image Trend/Fire Bridge RMS to Image Trend Elite

What is ImageTrend Elite? It is the gold standard of electronic documentation and reporting. It was developed with the user in mind, with a fluid interface optimized across multiple platforms and operation systems. 

Elite contains all the modules that Fire Bridge did, including Reporting, NFIRS-compliant data collection, Permits, Inspections, Investigations, Repairs & Maintenance, and Checklists , but is built on next-generation technology. Elite has a much more modern feel than the Fire Bridge site, making it far more intuitive and user-friendly. It's compatible with numerous browsers and devices, including tablets and iPads! 

  • Elite will remain FREE to North Carolina Fire and Rescue Agencies.
  • No downloads or installs. 
  • Automatically reports to the state, while OSFM handles exports to FEMA.
  • Accessible from any device with internet service.
  • The upgrade will alleviate storage issues, outages during DOI maintenance, and other issues associated with DOI hosting the software.
  • If you are currently using Fire Bridge, your data will be migrated over. All NFIRS date will be moved regardless of our RMS provider.

Image Trend allows agencies to purchase CAD integration, Full Inspection Module, and Investigations, separately. 

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If you have any questions about incident reporting, please call Monna Gillespie at 1-800-634-7854 or 919-647-0088, or email monna.gillespie@ncdoi.gov

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