Did You Know…

  • A home fire can become deadly in as little as two minutes.
  • Automatic fire sprinklers have been in use in the U.S. since 1874.
  • Home fires are deadlier today due to the lightweight building material and flooring that burns faster and are made of synthetics that create deadly smoke as they burn.
  • The death rate is more than 80% lower in homes with fire sprinklers than in homes without fire sprinklers.
  • Nationally, the average cost of installing sprinklers in new homes can range from $1.35 to 3.66 per square foot.
  • Home fire sprinklers detect a fire and control it automatically and nearly 85% of the time, only one sprinkler activates during a fire.
  • Home fire sprinklers save lives and property when coupled with working smoke alarms and fire escape plans.


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