COQB - Schedule An Exam

Determining Your Eligibility

You must get authorization from the NC Code Officials Qualification Board (the Board) to take an examination.

Terri Tart, Certification Administrator, 919-647-0031

Renita Denton, Certification Assistant, 919-647-0005

Upon approval from the Board:

  • You will be sent an Examination Eligibility Notice, along with instructions for paying and scheduling the examination.
  • You are responsible for contacting PSI to pay and schedule for the examination.

Candidate Information Bulletin

This bulletin outlines the process listed below:

  • Guidelines for exam qualification
  • Exam payment and scheduling procedures
  • Exam test site locations
  • Test content areas
  • Reporting to the exam site
  • Taking the exam by computer
  • Score reporting
  • Tips for preparing your certification exam
  • Exam content outlines and reference materials
  • Exam registration form
  • Exam accommodations request form

General Statutes Pertaining to Enforcement of the NC State Building Code