Manufactured Building Licensing - HUD Manufacturer, Dealer, Salesperson, Set-up Contractor

License Requirements and Qualifications

Each applicant approved by the Board for a license as a manufactured home manufacturer, dealer, or set-up contractor shall furnish a corporate surety bond, cash bond or fixed value equivalent. Bond forms are attached below under files.

See NCGS 143.143.12 for specific information.

Fingerprint Requirements

All applicants are subject to a criminal history check, pursuant to NCGS 143.143.10A. After submission of your initial application, a fingerprint packet will be emailed with instructions. Contact your local sheriff's department or county bureau of identification for an appointment.

Requirements for Set-Up Contractor’s License

To obtain a set-up contractor’s license you must:

  1. Submit an electronic application. 
  2. Pay the Set-up Contractor license fee of $250 and a licensing and fingerprint fee of $80 for each owner.
  3. Identify a Qualifier. The designated Qualifier must pass a written test which will be administered by the Manufactured Building staff.
  4. Submit a $10,000 corporate surety or cash bond for each license.

Requirements for a Dealer & Salesperson's License

  1. Submit an electronic application. 
  2. Pay the Dealer license fee of $250 for each location and a licensing and fingerprint fee of $80 for each Salesperson.
  3. Submit Dealer escrow/trust account information on the bank's letterhead, to include the name and number of the account holder and the name and location (city and state) of the bank. See NCGS 143.143.50 for further information.
  4. Submit Dealer fully executed $35,000 corporate surety or cash bond and Power of Attorney. Each additional location requires a $25,000 corporate surety or cash bond and Power of Attorney.
  5. Upon receipt of application and all required information from the dealer and salesperson, the salesperson will be issued a temporary license for 90 days.
  6. To receive a permanent salesperson license, an individual must pass a written exam administered and proctored by Manufactured Building staff. Exams are usually administered after the Registered Housing Specialist Seminar (RHS Seminar).
  7. To register for the RHS Seminar, contact Bobbi Peterman at the North Carolina Manufactured Housing Association . The direct number is (919) 872-2740 and the email is

* Please note that the RHS Seminar is not administered by or affiliated with the North Carolina Department of Insurance.

Requirements for a Manufacturer License

  1. Submit an electronic application.
  2. Pay the Manufacturer license fee of $300 for each requested license.
  3. Submit Manufacturer fully executed $100,000 corporate surety or cash bond and Power of Attorney for each requested license.

Submit a New Application:

To begin a new license application, select the desired license type:

Transfer or Renew an Existing License:

(1) Select the following link. Enter your licensing information as it appears on your current license and press the "Send Setup Email" button. If the information entered matches the licensing record in our system, you will receive an email with instructions to create your new North Carolina Identity Management (NCID) login account.

North Carolina Manufactured Housing Application Account Setup

(2) After you have created and verified your NCID account, return to the initial account set up email from and click on the link in Step #3 to activate your application portal. Use your established NCID to access your application portal.

(3) If you have setup a NCID account you may log into your existing portal,  by selecting the following link and enter your NCID username and password: 

NC Manufactured Building Login page

For questions or further assistance, please contact the North Carolina Manufactured Building Staff at or 919-647-0000.

This page was last modified on 01/26/2024