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Continuing Education Requirements

The Board has established professional development requirements for officials as a condition of the renewal or reactivation of their certificates. The purpose of these professional development requirements is to assure the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of North Carolina.

A code enforcement official subject to this section shall present evidence to the Board at each certificate renewal after initial certification, that during the 12 months before the certificate expiration date, the official has completed the required number of credit hours in courses approved by the Board.

The current annual Continuing Education (CE) hour requirement for each Standard certificate is six (6) credit hours per Trade certificate. If a course exceeds the number of credit hours specified for renewal of a technical area certificate, the excess credit hours may be carried forward into the following renewal year of that technical area certificate. The number of carry-forward credit hours shall not exceed six. Any active CEO who fails to complete the required continuing education courses by June 30 of the current renewal year shall have his or her certificates suspended until the CE requirement is met. A CEO without a currently valid certificate shall not perform Code enforcement.

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