COQB - Board Standard Certificate Courses


SCHEDULED CLASSES (Trades, Levels, Community Colleges, Dates - Data Visualization)

You must successfully complete the Board Standard Certificate course(s) to become eligible to register for the Standard Certificate State examinations.

The NC General Statutes and Board Rules set the requirements for qualifications and certifications.

Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Residential Changeout code enforcement officials should become familiar with the following:

  • Level I course is designed for those who have the primary responsibility for inspecting residential and small commercial work.
  • Level II course is for individuals who have the responsibility of inspecting one story buildings up to 60,000 square feet or buildings up to 4 stories at 20,000 square feet per floor.
  • Level III course is designed for individuals who have the responsibility of inspecting buildings of all sizes, including buildings larger than 60,000 square feet and higher than four stories.

Fire Prevention code enforcement officials should be familiar with the following:

  • Level I Standard Inspection course is designed for the education and training of those who have the responsibility of inspecting existing buildings (excluding highrise) in the following Occupancy Classifications: Business, Small Assembly, Mercantile, Residential, and Storage
  • Level II Fire Prevention Standard Inspection course is for individuals who have the responsibility to inspect Large Assembly, Education, and Industrial occupancies, in addition to every occupancy listed under Level I.
  • Level III course is for those who must inspect all existing buildings including highrise but, excluding one- and two- family dwellings

Board Courses

The following is a complete list of Standard Certificate Courses currently available in participating North Carolina Community Colleges. 

Course Minimum Required Class Hours
Law and Administration 15
Building Level I 48
Building Level II 40
Building Level III


Electrical Level I 40
Electrical Level II 30
Electrical Level III 30
Fire Prevention Level I 36
Fire Prevention Level II 32
Fire Prevention Level III 24
Mechanical Level I 32
Mechanical Level II 24
Mechanical Level III 16
Plumbing Level I 32
Plumbing Level II 24
Plumbing Level III 16
Residential Changeout Inspector 40


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