This is a program providing catastrophic athletic accident coverage for athletes in public and charter schools. NCGS 58-31A-60 provides that the Office of State Fire Marshal will provide coverage for covered persons to participating schools for covered activities. 

Covered Persons includes:

  • Students
  • School Personnel participating in or responsible for supervising covered activities

Covered Activities includes:

  • Interscholastic athletic activities that are authorized, sanctioned, or scheduled by a participating school or by an administering organization
  • School-supervised practice
  • Game-related activity
  • Related travel

For more information contact Natalie Pollard at 919-647-0097.

Student Athlete Reporting

Policy Information

Tab/Accordion Items

Each school has an individual policy with the carrier, Mutual of Omaha. Please contact Cathy Hurley with the North Carolina Association of Insurance Agents at 919-863-6524 or if you need a copy of the policy or other information.