MBD Continuing Education

Continuing Education Requirements

Every salesperson and set-up contractor shall complete continuation education courses approved by the Board before June 30 of each year. The continuing education year for all licensees is July 1 to June 30.

A person who receives his first license on or after January 1 of any year does not have to complete continuing education until the next renewal period. 

Continuing Education Hours Required

  • Salespersons (6 credit hours)
  • Set-up Contractor (4 credit hours)

For set-up contractors, the person obtaining the required credit hours is known as a “qualifier”. A qualifier is an individual that supervises set up contractor activities on the job site. Each manufactured home set up must have a qualifier on-site for a majority of the project.

Failure to Complete Continuing Education

If the licensee does not complete the continuing education requirements by June 30, the license(s) will lapse with an effective date of June 30. A licensee may renew at any time prior to June 30 of the following year by completing the required continuing education hours and all other necessary requirements. A renewal late filing fee may apply. A licensee whose license has expired may not operate until all requirements are met.

Continuing Education Providers

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Distance Education Approved Courses

Provider: The Housing Marketplace

Course Number Course Topic
CS24 The Housing Industry's Hottest New Training System
DLCC53 Understanding the Durability and Safety of Manufactured Home Installation
DLCC59 Manufactured Housing Installation Problems
DLCC67 Improving Manufactured Home Installations
DLCC70 Advanced Setup Skills
DLCC73 Setup Field Inspector Comments
DLCS32 Selling Skills
DLCS52 Understanding the Durability and Safety of Manufactured Homes Installations
DLCS63 Improving the Buying Experience
DLCS69 Advanced Selling Skills
DLCS72 Article 9A
DLCS75 Sales Awareness of Manufactured Housing Installation
DLLA44 Laws & Administration for Salespersons
DLLA74 Laws & Administration for Set-up Contractors

Joe Adams
828-595-2574 (Fax)

Classroom Education Approved Course

Provider: NC Manufactured & Modular Homebuilder's Association (NCMHA)

Course Number Course Topic
LA68 RHS Law & Administration

Bobbi Peterman
919-872-4826 (Fax)