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The North Carolina Department of Insurance. Manufactured Building Division aims to respond promptly, clearly and courteously to consumers' manufactured and modular housing questions and complaints, assist consumers in resolving those complaints whenever possible and help consumers understand their options for dealing with these matters. Please note: We have no jurisdiction concerning cosmetic items (i.e. loose molding, scratch on refrigerator). Our office’s chief concern is substantial defects.

This form may be used for filing complaints against Manufacturers, Dealers & Setup Contractors. We do not act as an advocate or lawyer for a person who has a dispute with another. We accept information about alleged inappropriate business practices and determine if there has been any violation of the North Carolina Manufactured and Modular Housing laws in order that action may be initiated when appropriate. 

File a HUD or Modular Housing Complaint

If you are unsure of the difference between a manufactured (HUD) and modular home, please see the "Which Complaint Form Should I File" section below.

After completing the personal information portion, most of the details needed to complete the complaint form can be found on the data plate.  Data plates are located in every manufactured (HUD) and modular home.  The data plate is a sheet of paper with information related to the construction of the home and is typically attached inside a kitchen cabinet, on the interior wall of a closet or near the electrical panel.  

Additionally, please provide a detailed summary of all complaint related events from the initial contact with the home seller until now.  Please include everything that led up to the filing of this complaint.  A list of the names and dates of all parties contacted during this period is very important.  Also attach any relevant pictures. Further instructions to file a HUD & MOD complaint are attached below.

If you have questions, the Manufactured Building Division of the Department of Insurance is here to help.

Toll-free: 800-587-2716

Email: MBDcomplaints@ncdoi.gov

North Carolina Department of Insurance
1429 Rock Quarry Road, Suite 105
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Which Complaint Form Should I File?

Tab/Accordion Items

A manufactured home is built in accordance with Federal standards (Part 3280 - Manufactured Homes Construction and Safety Standards) published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Accordingly, manufactured homes are often referred to as mobile or "HUD" homes.  A manufactured home will have a red or silver metallic HUD label on the exterior of the home.

Modular homes or buildings are built in accordance with North Carolina Residential or Building Code, in effect at the time of construction.  A modular home or building will have a "State of North Carolina Modular Construction Validating Stamp" on the interior of the structure.