School Insurance Fund Change of Coverage

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If this is an addition to an existing building; give the name of the existing building as it appears on your insurance policy.

If you have any questions, please email Natalie Pollard or call at 919-647-0097.

Notes: Effective Date of Insurance coverage is subject to State Public Education Property Insurance Fund underwriter approval.

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Site Address

Note: effective date cannot be prior to today's date.

(from construction plans)

If building is in a flood zone, underwriter will add it to the endorsement.

Building Has Sprinkler Protection
Building Has Burglar Alarm
Building Has Fire Alarm
sq ft

If deleting building, square footage is 0.


(round up to whole numbers) If deleting building, value is $0; if adjusting building, input the total value only. Ex: Increasing a $500,000 building to $1,500,000.  Input $1,500,000.


(15% of bldg. value minimum) If deleting contents, value is $0; if adjusting contents, input the total value only. Ex: Increasing a $500,000 contents to $1,500,000.  Input $1,500,000. 

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