Pyrotechnics State Property Permits

All State Owned Properties Require An Event Permit Issued By The Office Of State Fire Marshal

The North Carolina General Assembly amended the General Statutes to include a new requirement for a state display operator’s license (NCGS 14-410), effective February 1, 2010. Previous fireworks displays have been permitted only through the county commissioners or city council depending upon the agreement between the entities. Buildings owned by the University of North Carolina and located in Orange County are exempt from NCGS 14-413, which only requires the permission from the county commissioners or city council. NCGS 14-413 remains in effect and has not changed as a result of the revised legislation. The revisions to NCGS 14-410 do not exempt any state agency or properties from compliance with the pyrotechnic operator law. As a result all state agencies hosting any type of pyrotechnic display (indoor or outdoor) are required to have a licensed operator and licensed or certified assistants. In addition, all state agencies hosting a pyrotechnic event must apply for a pyrotechnic event permit through the Office of State Fire Marshal. Regardless of who sponsors the event, an event permit must have been obtained for any event to occur on state property.


State Property Pyrotechnic Permit