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Water Safety (suggested posts)

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With summer quickly approaching, we are encouraging all parents and caregivers to #PlayItSafeAroundWater and take time to talk to your kids about #watersafety. For a list of safety tips and resources, visit our website:  https://www.ncosfm.gov/injury-prevention/safe-kids/water-safety

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Did you know!? Drownings are the leading cause of death among children between the ages of 1-4. Remember to always watch children in or around water and #PlayItSafeAroundWater. For more #watersafety tips, visit our website: https://www.ncosfm.gov/injury-prevention/safe-kids/water-safety

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Drownings happen more often than you might think and they happen fast! Once a child begins to struggle in the water, parents may have less than a minute to react. Please keep #watersafety in mind this summer.

SAFETY TIPS: https://www.ncosfm.gov/injury-prevention/safe-kids/water-safety #PlayItSafeAroundWater