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Baby buckled into a grey car seat.
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A child's body heats up 3 to 5 times faster than an adult. With summer quickly approaching, Safe Kids NC Chair Mike Causey encourages parents to learn more about the dangers of heatstroke and do your part to prevent #hotcardeaths. For more info and safety tips, visit:


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North Carolina summers are great but with the warmer temperature comes the very real danger of heatstroke. Even the best parents or caregivers can make the deadly mistake of leaving their child unattended in a hot car. For more info and tips on how to avoid #hotcardeaths, visit:


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Did you know!? Every year an average of 39 children across the US die from heat exposure in vehicles. Help us prevent #hotcardeaths this summer by never leaving your child alone in a hot car! For more safety tips, visit: