Smoke Alarm Saturday June 1, 2024

About Smoke Alarm Saturday:

Smoke Alarm Saturday is a one-day, statewide smoke alarm canvassing event to bring awareness for the need to have working smoke alarms in homes. Fire departments across North Carolina come together on the first Saturday in June to help educate their communities on how to be as safe as possible in a home fire.

Participation Information:

Each fire department registering an event, will receive a packet of information which will include:

  • Up to 54 Smoke Alarms
  • Home Survey Form
  • Waiver Form
  • Educational Materials
  • Door Hangers
  • Promotional Items
  • Sample Press Advisory (to promote the event)


  • Applications must be submitted annually, between March and May.
  • Application and grant management is accessed through the participating department's OSFM24 profile.
  • Install requested alarms in one day;
  • Send in results by 5 p.m. on the first Saturday in June;
  • Submit survey forms by June 30;
  • Complete online Smoke Alarm Installation Program training;
  • Visit homes in the targeted, high-risk areas;
  • Provide fire safety education during home visits;
  • Install smoke alarms in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Rev 03/2024