0311.7.6 - Doors on Landings at Bottom of Interior Stairs

Code: 2018 NCRC

Date: January 19, 2021
Section: R311.7.6

Is a cased opening or a doorway allowed in the required landing space at the bottom of an
interior stairway?

Yes. The code specifies that a floor or landing be provided at the bottom of an interior stairway
but is silent on the presence of a doorway. Just as the code is silent on the subject of a doorway
in a corridor, it follows that as long as the floor beyond the doorway is continuous, on the same
level, to meet the intent of a landing, it is compliant with Section R311.7.6.. The cased opening
or doorway would only need to meet the minimum egress width and height requirements.
Safe operation of the door latch will require an 18” minimum floor space between the nose of the
bottom tread and the face of the door. The 18” space is intended to allow sufficient floor area for
safe footing while manipulating the latching device. If no door is present, then the cased opening
can be less than 18” from the nose of the bottom tread to the face of the cased opening with stair
headroom maintained.

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