G S 153 A-357 and 160 A-417 - Work Start and Permit Required

Code: 2018 Administrative Code and Policies

Section: GS 153A-357 and 160A-417

Question: For the purpose of applying for a permit, when does work begin?

Answer: An area of conflict between contractors and inspectors is when work begins. It may be necessary to do some work prior to applying for a permit. Erosion and sedimentation control plans must be approved before a building permit may be issued. Grading may begin after the erosion and sediment control measures are in place and approved, but before the building permit is issued. Site work can be done and the footing excavation made before applying for the permit assuming there are no other local ordinances prohibiting this. The permit must be issued before the footing is poured since the excavation must be approved before the footing is poured. The local inspection department may decide when work begins for the purpose of obtaining a building permit. The inspection department may require that a building permit be obtained: 1. Before any work is done on the site 2. After the site is cleared 3. Before the footings are dug 4. After the footings are dug The inspection department may want the building permit issued before the footings are dug when: 1. The excavation may conflict with the septic tank drain field 2. The excavation may encroach on a setback or easemen

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