107.1.2 - Under-slab Inspection

Under-slab Inspection

Code: 2018 Administrative Code Section: 107.1.2

Question: Are there any situations where an Under-slab inspection would not be required for 1 and 2- family dwellings?

Answer: Yes. The Code states the following: 107.1.2 Under-slab inspection. Under-slab inspections, as appropriate, shall be made after all materials and equipment to be concealed by the concrete slab are completed. Below are the several situations that an Under-slab inspection would not be required: 1. Garage slabs that meet R506.2.1, are non-structural (no lugs) with no rough-in plumbing or electrical below the slab and the garage was unheated. The garage slab would be checked for positive slope at the final inspection. If the depth of fill exceeds R506.2.1 with the type of material or waste/debris is found within the area of the slab, then an inspection will be required. 2. Sidewalks 3. Driveways

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