106.3.1 - Building Code Summary

Building Code Summary

Code: 2018 Building Code Section: 106.3.1

Question: Is a complete Building Code Summary required for every permit?

Answer: No. The Building Code Summary, Appendix B is intended as a design tool to assist the designer, contractor, and code official to share the design intent. Projects that are limited in scope may not need all the information requested by the summary. The scope of work for some projects is so small that only portions of the summary are useful and applicable. The designer should contact the local code official prior to submitting for permit to determine what, if any, parts of the summary can be listed as “N/A”. Example - Electrical permit to install a single circuit: Completion of the accessible parking spaces or allowable building area information would not be useful. Example – Alteration Level 1 rearranging offices: Completion of building data section might be irrelevant as the use of the area has not changed. In the two examples above “N/A” appears to be a reasonable answer. Keywords: Renovations, reconstruction

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