About OSFM

NC Office of State Fire Marshal

Former North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Jim Long formalized the Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) on April 1, 1998, consolidating numerous preexisting fire-related programs. This strategic move aimed to enhance focus and awareness of the organization's initiatives, establishing OSFM as a prominent institution statewide.

OSFM consists of eight key divisions — Codes and Interpretations, Field Services, Risk Management, Licensing and Certifications, Ratings/Grants/GIS/Foam, Fire & Rescue Training/Commission/RPD, Fire Investigation Unit, and Community Risk Reduction.

The dedicated staff at OSFM take on a diverse range of essential responsibilities, directly impacting the safety of North Carolina's citizens. From training fire and rescue personnel and enforcing state building codes to procuring property insurance for state-owned structures and scrutinizing construction plans for government projects, OSFM fulfills a crucial role in safeguarding lives and property across North Carolina.