Local Inspection Request

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Inspections must be scheduled with the local jurisdiction prior to submission of this form. All work associated with the inspection(s) shall be completed prior to petitioning assistance from the State. Inspections shall not be scheduled in advance of work being completed. Reinspection fees will accompany all unfinished work scheduled for an inspection with the State.

Request for Inspections by the State NCGS § 143-139.4

When a permit holder has been informed by a local inspection department that any inspection has not been, or will not be, conducted within two business days of the requested inspection date, the permit holder may request in writing that the Commissioner assign personnel to conduct the inspection.

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Supporting Documents

Supporting documents shall include a copy of the local permit(s) and the local jurisdiction’s inspection schedule listing the expected date of the requested inspection.

All supporting documents can be sent by replying to the confirmation email you will receive or by emailing them to: code.inspections@ncdoi.gov referencing the permit number(s).