Volunteer Firefighter Basic Skills Training

The Office of State Fire Marshal (OSFM) has developed a program to help bridge the gap between the certification and training of new volunteer firefighters. The training is called Volunteer Firefighter Basic Skills Training (VFBST). 

This program was developed to serve as a platform for the minimum basic skills that have been internationally recognized.  This program can be designed and scheduled, by the Authority Having Jurisdiction, to meet the ISO Recruit Training requirements.  Departments are still required to provide complete training records to include class topics, participants and hours of instruction completed.  The confirmation of completion will not be used for the verification of training hours.

The following academic components make up the Volunteer Firefighter Program:

The Volunteer Firefighter curriculum includes practical skills development.  Completion of the practical skills is demonstrated by completion of the enclosed Skill Task Book. Skill achievement is validated by a signature of a NC Instructor, a Training Officer, or a Fire Chief.  Students who meet all combined objectives receive a Confirmation of Completion – Volunteer Firefighter from the Authority Having Jurisdiction.

NOTE: This program is simply a means to get volunteer members training in basic firefighter skills as quickly and skillfully as possible. This program DOES NOT, in any way, give credit towards the Firefighter I and II certification program. 

Upon completion of this program, the candidates will be issued a Confirmation of Completion by the authority having jurisdiction.

Example Certificate

The Confirmation of Completion template will be available on the Chiefs record in the OSFM Portal.

OSFM Portal


Volunteer Training Program Document that includes:

  • Directions 
  • Skills
  • Training Example

Volunteer Training Program Document with Skills